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That Fish Place - Coral, Fish, Plants and Aquarium Supplies
Aquarium and Fish Store

Coupons for Aquarium Livestock including Algae Cleaner Packs and Corals / Invertebrates, as well as Freshwater Fish and Live Aquarium Plants. That Fish Place is well known for Plant Packs and of course Saltwater Fish. That Fish Place is part of the That Pet Place Coupons, Discounts and Promotion Codes available for That Fish Place - Coral, Fish, Plants
Customer  Service
 237 Centerville Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17603 
Web Site: That Fish Place - Coral, Fish, Plants and Aquarium Supplies
Aquarium and Fish Store from That Fish Place - Coral, Fish, Plants
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Joined: 01/30/2008
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That Fish Place - Your #1 Source For Aquarium Supplies

Aquarium Supplies is the source for aquarium supplies online. With prices up to 60% off retail you won\'t find a better deal anywhere. We offer products from the most respected aquarium manufacturers and feature a team of on-staff marine biologists on-call to answer any system issues that may arise.

Up To 60% Off Retail Prices At

Live Fish, Coral, Live Rock, & Plants At

Live Fish

With 100s of species to choose from, is the source for live fish. Everything for stocking your freshwater or saltwater aquarium is here, including coral, live plants, and a "Your Choice" section full of unique one-of-a-kind specimens.

Aquarium Filters

With everything from power filters, to canister and wet/dry filters up to 60% off retail, That Fish Place is the source for aquarium filters. Selection includes the latest aquarium filters from Tetra Whisper, Bio-wheel Filters, Fluval as well as other advanced models.
Aquarium Filters For Any Fish Tank At

Protein Skimmers & Discount Aquarium Equipment At

Protein Skimmers offers an extensive selection of protein skimmers for aquariums of all sizes and varieties. Our extensive selection of brand-name protein skimmers are each backed by the know-how of our on-staff aquarium hobbyists and experts.

Aquarium Heaters

The widest selection available of aquarium heaters and fish tank heaters, including submersible and in-line units for any aquarium. Try buying more than one aquarium heater for your larger tank, instead of a high wattage single unit for more even heating distribution.

Aquarium Heaters & Fish Tank Heaters At

Fish Food For All Types Of Aquarium Fish At

Fish Food

Your source for the widest selection of fish food online, including flakes, pellets, freeze-dried and live. That Fish Place also ships frozen aquarium fish food during the cooler months for those fish with more advanced tastes.

Aquarium Lighting

An extensive selection of advanced aquarium lighting systems and bulbs, including metal halide, T5, power compact, fluorescent and LED lighting systems for any tank. That Fish Place has aquarium lighting systems to fit even the largest aquarium systems.

Aquarium Lighting Systems For Any Tank At

1000\'s Of Decorations For Any Fish Tank At

Aquarium Decorations

1000s of aquarium decorations for making your fish tank look great. Plastic plants, silk plants, child-themed ornaments, underwater lighting, air-powered ornaments, driftwood, and virtually anything you could think of to enhance your aquarium.

Aquarium Kits

Choose the perfect aquarium kits for your application. offers Eclipse and other brands to get you started. Whether it\'s a small desktop aquarium or a nano-reef tank, That Fish Place offers a variety of aquarium kits to get going easily.

Aquarium Kits & Sets At

Aquarium Chillers At Discount Prices At

Aquarium Chillers

Keep your tank cool with\'s huge selection of aquarium chillers. Everything you need to keep any size aquarium\'s temperature constant. That Fish Place features both drop-in and inline aquarium chillers from Prime, Current and other advanced aquarium manufacturers.

Aquarium Air Pumps

Let your fish breathe easier with That Fish Place\'s huge selection of discount aquarium air pumps. Available in sizes to fit any sized aquarium, we offer only the best from Tetra, Rena, and others, including battery-powered air pumps to keep your tank going during power outages.

Aquarium Air Pumps At

Aquarium Gravel For Any Fish Tank At

Aquarium Gravel

The perfect substrate for any fish tank! Aquarium gravel from That Fish Place is available in many decorative or sand varieties to fit your tank\'s requirements. We offer everything from fluorescent gravel to specialized cichlid substrates.

That Fish Place -That Pet Place
Your #1 Source For Aquarium Supplies

The lush, tropical Amazon River, serene Asian streams, or beautiful rocky landscape of African Rift Lakes springs to life in your very own home or office aquarium. With hundreds of varieties of fish and plant life, each aquarium is one-of-a-kind.

We'll bring out the big boys for this tank: Oscars, Catfish, Stingrays, Arowanas, Lionfish, Groupers, and many more will bring plenty of character and personality to your home or office aquarium, as well as grace and astounding beauty.

Stunning corals, anemones, clams, and other creatures from the world's tropical reefs can be displayed amongst incredibly colorful fish native to the reef environment. A reef aquarium, with its countless varieties of life, is an exciting hub of activity and beauty unlike anything else.

A rainbow of color, tons of excitement, and personality-a-plenty, contained in one beautiful aquarium. The gorgeous inhabitants of the world's ocean will make a beautiful aquatic scene, complete with our dazzling coral replicas and other authentic décor.

The contact person we have for That Fish Place - Coral, Fish, Plants is Customer Service and the location is Lancaster, PA. Please contact this company for more information regarding the geographical areas of the US that they offer thier products and services.

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