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Reptile Terrarium Cage Accessories
Reptile Store

Coupons for Terrarium Accessories for Reptiles. When deciding on a reptile terrarium, first consider the kind of reptiles you are planning to house. An open basin may be just fine for a turtle, but a frisky lizard might have no trouble scaling the sides of the reptile terrarium and escaping. A successful reptile terrarium simulates the natural habitat of the reptiles inside as closely as possible. Cold blooded creatures that they are, reptiles require external heat sources to warm their bodies in order to carry out essential life processes. Because structures shelter us from the heat of the sun, reptile terrariums require artificial heat sources. Coupons, Discounts and Promotion Codes available for Reptile Terrarium Cage Accessories
Customer  Service
 PO Box 3152
Farmington Hills, MI 4835 
Web Site: Reptile Terrarium Cage Accessories
Reptile Store from Reptile Terrarium Cage Accessories
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Joined: 07/02/2009
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Heat lamps placed over a reptile terrarium mimic the effects of the sun.

Hot plates or heating rocks plug in to electrical outlets to generate heat and can be switched on and off as needed. Reptiles are apt to climb onto the surface and bake until ready.

Heating cords or coils in the substrate. These devices run through the base material of your reptile terrarium and create a heated surface that is adequate for reptile survival.
More than night and day
Diurnal animals require more than simple light and dark. Their bodies produce essential vitamin D when exposed to the sun's natural UV rays; without vitamin D, animals (including humans) cannot absorb calcium and phosphorus. Prolonged deficiencies of these minerals lead to painful cases of rickets and osteomalacia-a softening of the bones.

Some fluorescent bulbs emit UV rays and will fill your reptile terrarium with the necessary UV light that incandescent bulbs lack.

Reptilian Roommates
If you're wondering how to populate your reptile terrarium, here is a list of popular choices:

Monitors (can be poisonous!)
Gila monsters (poisonous!)
Snakes (can be poisonous!)
Open door policy
A reptile terrarium should be an open terrarium. Closed terrariums may not provide adequate oxygen to sustain creatures as large as reptiles, so it's likely you will need to provide food and water. If possible, access your reptile terrarium through a front port: a sliding door or removable panel. Accessing a reptile terrarium through the top may be perceived as the arrival of a predator, which can cause your reptile to suffer unnecessary stress.

The contact person we have for Reptile Terrarium Cage Accessories is Customer Service and the location is Farmington Hills, MI. Please contact this company for more information regarding the geographical areas of the US that they offer thier products and services.

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