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A Complete a-z guide for pets

It is always fun spending time with your furry friend, isn’t it? Whether you’re cuddling them, taking them for a walk, or playing with them, nothing can beat the companionship they provide. However, owning a pet comes with a responsibility that goes beyond just taking care of them. You need to be aware of their needs in order to provide the best possible living condition for them. From feeding and watering to providing exercise and shelter, this pet encyclopedia has all the information you need to take good care of your furry friend!

A to Z: All you need to know about your furry friend!

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Stay up to date on doggo news, scientific findings, veterinary-approved products, training advice, diet and nutrition suggestions, and more!


We cover all things feline! From hypoallergenic cat breeds to cat bed to cat food reviews and recommendations, we’ve got everything you need!

Small pets

.All of our more general how-to guides, tips, tricks, and information on the practical side of small pets are located here.


Meet Dr. Hemapriya, a passionate dog lover and entrepreneur committed to making a difference in the lives of animals. Dr. Hemapriya has always had a soft spot for dogs, and her love for them led her to rescue two indie dogs, Alli and Valli, from a busy Madurai-Bangalore highway. After seeing the plight of stray dogs in the region, Dr. Hemapriya decided to do more to help.

Dr. Hemapriya is a serial entrepreneur with several businesses under her belt. However, her love for dogs and desire to make a difference led her to start a pet blog, where she shares her knowledge and expertise on pet care. Through her blog, Dr. Hemapriya provides valuable information and tips on everything from pet nutrition to grooming and training.

In addition to her blog, Dr. Hemapriya is also involved in various animal welfare initiatives. She volunteers at her local animal shelter, helping to care for dogs and cats in need. She also advocates for responsible pet ownership and encourages others to adopt rather than buy from breeders.

Dr. Hemapriya’s ultimate goal is to help as many animals as possible. She believes that every animal deserves a loving home and is committed to doing all she can to make that happen.

When Dr. Hemapriya isn’t busy running her businesses or caring for animals, you can find her spending time with Alli and Valli. She enjoys taking them on walks, playing fetch, and snuggling up with them on the couch.